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Ask the Community about Sciatica

mj2762's picture

Lumbar Fusion L4-5 and L5-S1

Started by mj2762 on 06/09/2010 10:33am
Laurelee's picture

Orthotics - back pain relief?

Started by Laurelee on 06/09/2010 10:13pm
Sarah0987's picture

Help me am in pain! Is it the scoliosis or my lumber DDD?

Started by Sarah0987 on 03/12/2010 11:19am
a_m_b_e_r_2011's picture
patient's picture

Herniated discs and pelvic pain

Started by patient on 06/19/2011 11:50am
bgoldner's picture

Possible sciatica

Started by bgoldner on 07/12/2011 6:07pm
richard21040's picture

need opionions on ANOTHER surgery

Started by richard21040 on 10/21/2010 6:00pm
mnichols0205's picture

Mri Results - Opinions Please

Started by mnichols0205 on 06/21/2011 5:15pm
dk's picture

burning leg pain

Started by dk on 06/21/2011 7:32pm
jenny74's picture

spinal stenosis

Started by jenny74 on 06/28/2011 12:24am
gigi68's picture

Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

Started by gigi68 on 02/15/2011 7:31pm
tooold's picture

Back surgery with rod and screws--out comes for others?

Started by tooold on 06/17/2011 5:06pm
tooold's picture

Anybody had the rod and screws?

Started by tooold on 06/17/2011 8:13pm
wendiann24's picture

"electrical" charge when moving....anyone?

Started by wendiann24 on 04/29/2010 11:22am
luvdodo's picture

Testing for herniated discs...

Started by luvdodo on 06/18/2010 6:31pm
jungleman12's picture

Sciatica pain!! Need advise!!

Started by jungleman12 on 11/09/2010 12:52pm
dk's picture

bilateral sciatica leaking disc possible

Started by dk on 06/19/2011 11:28am
feed up's picture

Disscusted from pain managment doctor

Started by feed up on 05/19/2011 3:07pm
blanca69's picture

Excrutiating Pain..Help

Started by blanca69 on 02/11/2011 10:06pm
jenn27bradford's picture

had injections and now cant walk

Started by jenn27bradford on 05/15/2011 6:52pm