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Ask the Community about Surgery

Mack's picture

Nerve healing after cervical disc fusion surgery.

Started by Mack on 12/03/2015 5:29pm
Don's picture

accurascope procedure at north american spine institute

Started by Don on 06/10/2010 6:01pm
Terrence's picture

Masturbation after TLIF surgery

Started by Terrence on 10/04/2021 6:45am
NDavid's picture

Fully Fused Spine

Started by NDavid on 07/16/2021 8:34pm
susan42's picture

ACDF surgery c4-c5 Trapezius spams ; c5-c7 mobi c

Started by susan42 on 07/21/2021 7:18pm
LM's picture

Progressing Adult Scoliosis

Started by LM on 01/23/2010 7:36pm
shug2's picture

Gamma knife invasive surgery

Started by shug2 on 09/06/2021 5:05pm
Stevensc11's picture

L5/S1 Bulged Disc (again) after a Microdisectomy

Started by Stevensc11 on 09/01/2021 6:13pm
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Started by kaughenbaugh on 08/16/2021 3:01pm
tallGirl's picture

L4, L5, S1 Fusion Surgery

Started by tallGirl on 11/08/2010 2:46pm
ShelliBiggs's picture

Help Understanding an MRI

Started by ShelliBiggs on 01/06/2020 12:21pm
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Started by yowyly on 06/20/2021 1:59pm
nancyelsayed's picture

Lower back pain

Started by nancyelsayed on 06/24/2021 9:21am
crystol's picture

Best Pain Management

Started by crystol on 05/26/2021 11:02am
tdDarkKnight's picture

Dark Spot on Cervical Vertebrae (MRI/CT Scan)

Started by tdDarkKnight on 05/20/2021 2:59pm
Debbie .R's picture

Allergic to my implants and my neck my lower back

Started by Debbie .R on 05/20/2021 1:52pm
sawdust63's picture

15 and Counting

Started by sawdust63 on 05/19/2021 7:03pm
am1calif's picture

Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

Started by am1calif on 05/09/2021 11:49pm
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Mountain painter's picture

Posterior surgery

Started by Mountain painter on 04/15/2021 9:12am