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Posted in: Ergonomics, Bracing, and Kyphosis.

Ergonomic chairs/desks for teen son with kyphosis

Started by 101598JJB on 07/17/2012 8:24am

Hi, I joined the group for my almost 14 year old son. He has a kyphosis curve of 60% mainly due to rapid growth and his breastplates not keeping up with each other. I also suspect some poor posture due to teen attitude and too much time on the laptop!! He's tall and lanky. He has seen a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Hershey Childrens' Hospital and he does physical therapy exercises. The doctor said he'll wait and check him in a year to see if any improvement has taken place on its own. He said the condition sometimes corrects itself. If not, then he will have to do something. The roundedness just looks so awful. Does anyone have any suggestions in terms of furniture, products, exercises, etc. that we could try until the next check up? Thank You!

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