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Spondylolisthesis & Loss of Lumber Curve

Started by rapheeque on 02/01/2010 4:09am

hello !
Im a 24yrs old house wife and mother of 11months old baby boy. 3weeks back a continuous pain startd in my lower back. and then x-ray revealed spodylolisthesis and loss of lumber curve. my dr says its because i lifted something haeavy in a wrong posture. my daily activities doesnt include anything like that. apart from this that im carrying my son all the times whos quite healthy too. even sometimes im holding my son in one hand and working in kitchen using just the other hand alone. plz tell me what could be the possible cause behind this problem and precautions too.

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Let me be the first to welcome u to spondylolisthesis hun. It effects about 5-7% of the population and there are like 5 different types. It can be hereditary. It depends on what kind u have as to what caused it. Did ur dr tell u what grade your slippage was? When ur back hurts, id try to avoid heavy lifting or twisting and if u have to lift, use ur legs to carry the weight, not ur back. Iceing it might help along with sum anti-inflammatory. Wish u the best hun!!!!


My spondylolisthesis wasn't caused by anything I did. That's the worst of it! It just happened......

Now I'm stick with agonising pain most of the time. Nights are an agony of sleeplessness - because I can't find a comfortable position in bed.
Hubby & I haven't shared the bed for three years because of my restlessness.

I'm dependant in Co-codamol. Yet they don't always help.

I can't offer any glimmer of hope, rapheeque; there's no,'cure,' for spondylolisthesis. All I was offered was very risky surgery - which my own GP advised me NOT to have.