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Surgery for Spondylolylisthesis

Started by mrmarson on 04/15/2010 10:45pm

I had surgery for Spondylolyisthesis that was severly restricting the nerves between L3 and L4. The surgery included a Lamenctomy and fusion with instrumentation of L3 and4. It has been 6 months since the surgery and I still have a lot of low back pain, particularlly when I stand or walk for more than a few minutes. Is this what I should expect or should I be doing better than this?

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Mrmarson, surgery can only guarentee spine stability, not pain relief. I know dr's like to say that having surgery will take away ur pain, but in actuality, it just reduces ur back pain if anything. There is a lot of adjusting our backs have to go thru on the levels above and below the fusion site. It can take awhil to heal. If ur worried, id talk with ur dr. Hope u get ur answers answered!! Take care:)


You should be doing better. I had same thing but at L4-L5. Are you exercising every day? It is real important b/c probably the pain you are feeling is the muscle spasms from not being used. You don't say which surgery you had, but after 6 months you should be feeling better than you do. Does your doctor know?


hard to say on prognosis and expected point in time - if only everyone responded in an identical way, but back pain is far more complex than that.
What are you doing for self managment for pain?
What sort of follow up therapy have you had following surgery?
Were there any limitations placed on what you could or couldnt do following?

There is a lot of soft tissue and nerve affects following any type of surgery. Nuturing and nudging it along with progressive increasing in activity and exercise I generally find is the key. Tell me more and I will respond with what I can.