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low back pain and left leg sever pain

Started by samia on 07/03/2010 3:25pm

hi" i have sever pain consentrated in left leg since about 8mounths i went to doctor and mad x ray it said ihave mild pressur in the last lumber vertebra and it affected the scitica dr give me mdication and local injection one (depomedrol) the other (kinacort) and other tablet (aroxia) and analgisic and muscle relaxant but all of this didenot get any result so i want help but not surgical (medical or exersise) thank you

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Not sure which injections you've got. But note that the nerve block injects are much more effective than a standard epidural shot. And also understand that if one nerve block works the second might work better than the first or just not work at all. So its worth trying the second and the third..The needle placement plays a vital role. Did they do this under the guidance of a fluroscope?


When one has spondylolisthesis, it's been my experience that one can forget about any kind of fair treatment.

Tends to be an attitude of, 'Have the surgery or f*** and get on with it.'


I have same problem.I am 8 months out of 2 level lumbar fusion.My pain is exactly the same as before the surgery but my leg pain is waaay worse now.I dont understand a Dr that would leave a disc space the way my l5 s1 disc is in the pic.As you can see my doc got the spacer beetween my l4 l5 space and was able to get the bad disc out of that area as well.But the l5 s1 space he was not even able to get out because it was crushed so bad.Now from what I have researched when someone has crushed disc that bad they go in from the front and the back but my doc only went in from back. I am positive that is why I still have the same pain as before. Also he was only able to get 5 screws in my spine instead of 6. He said if he would of put the 6th screw I would be paralyzed on my left side??The 6th screw woulda crushed the space worse and caused more damage.Anyhow I feel these dr's most of the time know they wont be able to help you but they have to maintain their bottom line.it's all about the $ Benjamins and we are the victims.We go through these useless surgeries for the benefit of no one but the dr's wallet and hospitals quota.I have seen 2 other dr's since surgery which one said he would of went in from front and back and the other said I wouldnt benefit from any surgery and he would of never done surgery on me in the first place.He said he would of told me to get on long acting pain medication and that would be the rest of my life.So I went through and suffered like you for absolutely nothing at all but more pain and stronger meds.I have been thinking about suicide a lot lately and dont know what to do.I hate living like this in severe pain allday and night.I cannot sit and watch a movie with my wife or sleep lying down flat I have to lay on my side at all times.I have severe burnig pain in lower back allday and night and severe burning down the back of my legs.Everything seems 3-4 worse since the surgery and thats why I put it off for 10 years.I was in a bad bike accident 12 years ago and was told then I needed 2 level fusion.Well I was 24 at the time and was to afraid of fusion.By the time I turned 35 I could barely walk or sit at all.I take 4- 80mg oxycontin and 8- 10mg endocet a day and still I suffer horribly.Doc says all the same stuff,I will heal with time and yadda yadda yadda.They are all crooks if you ask me.As soon as they operate on you they are done forever with u.Atleast my doc was.Anyway has anyone else suffered like this or had the same kinda problems as me out there and wanna comment.Thank God I was able to find the greatest most understanding Pain management Dr in the world and he has made my life somewhat better.Atleast with the meds I can get some things done and have somewhat of a life but without them I would find the 8th level of parking garage delightful:)GOD BLESS..