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Posted in: Exercise, and Chronic pain.

Cervical Pain 6 years after Fusion

Started by probie27 on 07/16/2010 11:24am

I am a 38 year old male. I underwent bi-level cervical fusion near the end of 2004. I was a total gym rat for about 12 years until my injury. I had made many attempts to return to form after my surgery but nothing seemed to work until I tried a set of exercise bands. Now, after losing 20 pounds and getting back into at least good shape, I still have daily pain which varies in severity. This includes pain in the traps, the neck itself and somewhat in both arms. The pain is nowhere near the severity of the pain I felt pre-surgery which was an absolute "10"! I really want to stay active and in shape but I wonder if I'm doing further damage which will eventually require more surgery. My surgeon pretty much said that I will have to have surgery again sometime down the road as my cervical discs appear "paper thin". I apply an ice pack to my neck per my PT immediately after my workouts and reapply as necessary. I don't like taking medications of any kind but I have been taking naproxen recently (500mg twice per day) although it doesn't seem to help much. Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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