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enlighten me please!

Started by ellenor on 09/17/2010 12:41am

I had this pain in my neck for a month. I decided to consult a chiropractor about it. After telling me the possible reasons for the pain, he did a manipulation on my spine. It was my first time so it's kinda scary especially when I heard the cracking of bones. I thought I was relieved of the pain. But the next day, I had this pain on my left jaw. I can't open my jaw well. I'm in discomfort. I can't eat well...even yawn...I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me be enlightened with what I'm in? Has anyone experienced the same thing?

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i guess he snapped it the wrong way. i used to get snapped in neck years ago before my neck surgery. it helped a bit but within a day or two it would return to its former bad position.i found out recently that a canadian study showed that many people who have been forceably snapped in the neck have developed strokes. now i dont think i'd do it. i would wait a few days ....i think you will get better. ....pete


I would definietly go back to your chiropractic and tell him/her what has happened. And also the noise you hear, don't be afraid. It ok, just relax. The more relaxed you are the better. The chiropractor may also be able to help you with the pain in your jaw. I realize you posted this a couple weeks ago, it would be interesting to see how your doing now.

Best of Luck