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Chronic Lower Back Pain

Started by Juanca on 11/14/2010 8:22am

I'm 38 years old. I did Martial Arts for more than 20 years. I’ve been having a serious lower back pain. It’s been hitting me for a couple of month. At first it wasn’t that serious, and it only happened in the morning when I wake up. Now, I can’t bend down, walk or even stand for too long. This lower back pain is accompanied by a sensitive pain in my hips and testicles every time I walk or stand up for a certain period of time.
I went to my Chiropractor and took me some X-Rays, but it only showed a deviation of my spine. I had some therapy but the pain was getting worst. I had to sleep, sometimes, on the floor to alleviate the pain. I’m, currently, taking Cyclobenzaprine, but I can only take it once because It knock’s me out.
What is it that I need to do to make this pain go away, for good?

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Juanca - I don't know if the pain will go away, but you can go to a pain management
clinic. There the doctors will do a series of test to see it you pull a muscle, got disc problems, back problems ect. I don't know where you are located, but that what I had to do to fix my problem with my back. I still have hip,and back pain, but I also had surgery. So check out one of these doctor and see what they can dofor you, they will find out what is wrong with you with all the test they do on you. Good luck, keep in touch!


there is a nerve root in the sacrum that when pressured can give testicle pain. you may have a problem in the sacrum. i would see a orthopedic surgeon in order to get treatment plan and diagnosis. problems down there can give you pain in hips and lower back too. surgeon may prescribe PT.


I had my first back surgery in 2006 and did quite well until late. I had an MRI a few weeks ago which showed a new rupture at the initial surgery site l5-S1 with a lot of scsr tissue, and nerve root involvement. I have suffered horrible pain for months, and have been in Pain Management for 3 years. I saw my Neurosurgeon and he will be doing surgery probably late Nov or early Dec. Routine x-rays wont really show anything, what you need is an MRI. I worked as a surgical technician for years and having worked on many many back surgeries I would recommend a Neuro guy over an Orthopod.... this is my personal opinion of course. I would see someone soon as dependent on the issues found it can involve urination and bowel functions... better to be safe thsan sorry. Good Luck and let us know how you do.


When I first came to Dr. Roman for help, I had been suffering for 5 years. I had been given muscle relaxers, pains killers and physical therapy. I tried shots, massages and over the counter pain relievers. All of this to no avail. When I saw an ad in a local paper and the story about shoulder pain, I was amazed that Dr. Roman knew exactly what I was suffering from. I cant thank him enough for giving me my life back. I have never gone to a Doctor's office where I felt more comfortable, more important and at ease.I contacted for this Chiropractor Suwanee GA


My opinion is to go to your PCP and get approved for a MRI. You need to find out what's going on first, before doing anything. The radiologist will provide a writeup on what's wrong, not to be considered a thorough review of the MRI by a qualified specialist.. See what your PCP recommends and possibly try physical therapy although you sound like a fit guy and I doubt you need any muscles stretching, masagges, etc...

If you're not happy with your PCPs recommendation, take the MRI to a specialist. Most specialists have their own personal approach to fixing things:
Pain meds
Alternative meds (accupuncture, etc..)

or combination therof.

I can narrow it down by asking a few questions if you like.

Good Luck


Hi Juanca

I hope that you go to a Pain clinic right away. Depending where you live you main need to get a reference from your MD. First of all, you could have any number of things, including cancer, etc. So go see a professional who will do an MRI. XRays are a rather poor diagnostic tool when dealing with complicated lower back problems.

Ive suffered with degenerative disk disease for many years, but it took about five years to get to the point that I have been unable to work for the past three years, taking Morphine patches and Morphine tablets, PRN. So please don't allow a chiropractor to diagnose you.

When someone says you have a "deviation of the spine" that sounds serious. So, go to a Pain Clinic where a team of MDs will give you an MRI and any other tests that they find necessary. Bring your medication, and your past xrays from the Chiro.

Also, certain meds make us feel dizzy, sleepy, etc., and you need to tell this to your doctor. Sounds like he/she should have explained the effects to you. Usually, these secondary effects go away, but it could take a week or two.

The back is a complicated machine, and lots of things can go wrong. However, in some cases, cancer can cause back pain, so you have to make sure you know what it is you have, and how you will treat it. This Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant, according to the wikipedia, and sounds like some sort of an anti--biotic...did your doctor even tell you what you have?Please find out exactly what you have and make sure you get to a Pain Clinic. Muscle Relaxants dont usually treat the kind of pain and symptoms you are describing. Likewise, a "deviation" sounds serious and if someone told me i had a spinal deviation, I would want follow-up.

Best of luck and drop a line if you have a chance. Rangdrol-Montreal



Sorry to hear of the pain you suffer from- being that your so young and sounds like you are physically fit - makes me believe that what you suffer from is skeletal related , and not muscle. I'm no Dr., I'm just going off of my own experiences here. The Cyclobenzaprine( generic for Flexeril ) that you take is a muscle relaxer- you didn't mention the dosage. I take that med, at 10mg -4 x a day along with a pain killer. I have constant pain in my lower back and neck-. I've been taking these meds for almost 3 years non-stop ( even the dosages have been increase )because my body has adjusted to them. I took them in the beginning only when I knew I was home for the day and wouldn't be driving, now I'm so immune to them that I can take all the meds and still drive - yet still in severe pain- they only take the edge off of the pain now. Have you taken any kind of anti-inflammatory ? ie. Ibuprofen, Advil - anything of that nature ? Sometimes that will help- Cyclobenzaprine isn't an anti-inflammatory drug, but you can take the two together . I can't take those often as they seem to upset my stomach terribly- but when the pain is so intense I do take it - along with my other meds to get some relief- and it works.
I'm not sure, but do x-rays show anything other than broken bones / or fractures ? Maybe you suffer from arthritis - it can happen at any age-you must have hurt yourself while you were doing the Martial Arts at some point - and probably just toughed it out ? Arthritis sets in after an injury- it takes time- and it is one reason that those who have it - seem to be affected by it in the morning more so, or after being in one position for any length of time. The more stationary you are, the worse the pain is when you begin to move. Hope this helped in some way- best of luck to you. Let us know how things turned out for you- keep in touch


Hi Juanca,

I'm sorry to hear of your chronic back pain, especially since you are so young. You said you had some therapy at your chiropractor, what kind did you have? I know I have degenerative disc disease, and my Seattle chiropractor tried Cold Laser therapy on my vertebra and it was an instant relieve. I think you should take a look at some videos about this cold laser therapy. Here's a good link:http://www.northwestspineclinic.com/resources/videos/ I know some chiropractors don't offer this treatment; it's worth finding one that does.

I hope you find some relief.