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neck pain and finger numbness

Started by ahimsa soldier on 02/18/2011 5:48am

I get stinging / pinching like pain frequently in the lower part of the neck and also below the neck between the shoulder blades. Further the ring and little fingers of both hands become numb and lose sensation, especially during the nights. What should I do to cure this and avoid any recurrence of this?

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Hi ,
First of all ,i do not want to scare you but i first recommend you see a good ortho or neurosurgeon and get an MRI,most definitely sounds like you have issues with your cervical disks,and when it gets to the point of numbness and tingling in fingers and arm pain there may be some impingement on the thecal sac or spinal cord.I have all of the same issues due to a neck injury.They will most likely try all conservative measures first before even the mention of surgery(which is very wise) eg.physical therapy,pain meds,epidural injections.
Try not to worry ,but also don't ignore it.
Nurse Nancy


Easily adjustable conditions account for far more cases of neck pain / finger numbness than those that require surgical intervention. Find a good chiropractor -- one who can evaluate the lower cervical / upper thoracic vertebrae, then evaluate the first rib and the thoracic outlet, the sub-axillary area, and so forth until he reaches the carpal tunnel. This is far cheaper than an MRI or a visit to a neurosurgeon -- and in most cases, it's all you will need. Always start with the least invasive. If that doesn't work you can always step up to more invasive approaches.


To-day I will show the MRI to the last person ,a spine surgeon,I visited hi a month ago privately and he asked for the MRI,once a week I was visited chinese acupuncture,3 tmes ciropractic,15 times neck and back massage and all professional,only chinese acupuncture was relieving the pain,now this spine and neck specialist is the last resorce,he mentioned a front neck intervention to repair the pinched nerve,I'm 68 for 3 years I have been suffering from a pinched nerve from a fall,arhiritis is a prime reason and spondyloses was discovered at 29years old.