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Walking Pain Away?

Started by rossam on 04/05/2011 10:56pm

I had L3-L5 Fusion on Jan 2010 also had L5-S1 Fusion, I have been able to walk 2 times aday
1.5 to 2. miles in the morning and 1 mile in the evening. I still have a lot of hip pain remain stiff,I carry my cane with me when I walk but i do not use it. I hope that being about 3 months out that the pain will take a back seat. I have Adernal Fatigue and Sjogren Syndrome Plus Fibromyalgia. I dint know which is slowing healing down but I can not stop walking with hope of pain relief! My Doctor tells me I will hurt for a while.... ><>

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Dear rossam,hi,walking did not heal my back pain.I was operated on more or less the same fusion,i was prescribed some leg exerrcises in supine posture which does help.But recently as i have put on weight my back pain has come back.I am trying yoga and natural traction styles from one month and I must say it has brought a lot of relief.
So I think you may try traction and yoga with your doc's advice.


I can't see the walking part doing any good. When mine hurt, I can barely walk from the bedroom to the bathroom. But mine is more of an arthritic thing and sciatica. I found physical therapy to be the most effective method of relief. But doing it when you're having an attack seem to aggravate it. Stretching the back muscles and strenthening the core muscles along with good sitting posture (when I remember to sit up straight, not hunched over) , seems to keep me pain free for at least a couple of weeks.


I can see how walking and exercise (or stretching at this point) would be beneficial to you Rossam. My mom always told me when I was younger that the key to living a long life was to never stop moving. That's what she did, and she lived to be 101.


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