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Right ankle pain after L5S1 TLIF SURGERY

Started by melann on 06/06/2013 12:13pm

I had L5S1 TLIF surgery on Feb. 6 2013. I had 5 bulging disc and slippage. Been just about 4 months and still having right ankle pain. Pain is there 24/7. Has anyone had this and does it go away in time. I've been walking since day one. Now going to PT for shoulder pain I got after surgery. PT thinks my ankle pain is coming from my SI joint. Still having pain in my back. What I've read it's a long recovery. Also been depressed with ankle pain. My numbness in top of my right foot is just about gone. Still having tingling in legs. Hoping thats a good sign. Using ice packs. Taking Tylenol, gabipentin, and muscle relaxer and ultram. Has anyone had this ankle pain and does it go away?

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