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Lower Back Pain

Started by 100003091751928... on 11/04/2013 12:22pm

I'm 29 years young man and I'm suffering from low back pain since 2008.I have taken medical treatment from most of the higher Indian hospitals but problem not resolved, I have done MRI & CT SCAN, X-ray and so many blood test and the result is normal as per the report verified by the doctors.The another doctor assuming the disease like Ankyloysing Spondylitis but to conform the same doctor's have tested a blood sample for HLA B27 and found result is negative.I have also taken very much NSAI's medicines also follow exercise and physical therapy but not gain progressive response, now at this time I'm very much upset and unable to work easily my daily routine activities due severe pain in my low back through out my spine when I am in one posture for the period of short time 15 to 20 minutes maximum.My carrier is soil due to this disease. I humbly teqest to you respected gentlemen to please suggest me for right treatment and kindly arrange for needful. Thanking You!+

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I am still waiting for your positive response please.
Thanks & Regards,
Raj from India.


To get some helpful answer you would need to tell what triggers/worsens the pain, what relieves the pain (for example, is the pain worse in the morning or evening), do you feel anxious (a possible cause), do you sit, stand or walk a lot...