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Posted in: Exercise, and Physical therapy.

Fusion surgery of L2----L5

Started by Rod1 on 05/22/2014 12:53pm

I just had fusion surgery of L2----L5 nine and a half days ago. My problem before surgery was 4 bulging discs & curved spine. The last 6 years have been the worst with Sciatica going down to my foot at about 10 on the pain scale at times. I am 65 years and have worked with weights, stretching and cardio type exercise most of my life. I have never been over weight, When I entered the hospital I weighed 134 pounds and 5' 8".

I was up and walking about 3 hours after surgery and continued to improve for the 3 days in the hospital. By the 2nd day I walking somewhat normal and no walker or cane. I am hope now and I am walking everyday at least 2 miles a day at an average pace. At the hospital they me some exercises and I do those 2 about twice a day.

My question is how can I keep my upper body strength and not do any damage to the fusion? I have talked with my Doctor and wants me to hold off for a while on any weights more than 5 pounds.

Any suggestions anyone can give my I will run by my doctor first before I do anything. I have 1st post op appt. on 6/2/2014.

Thank You


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I had lumbar fusion from L2 -S1 18 months ago, at about 8 weeks post op they added some modified exercises at physical therapy with body ball, but mostly will stress improving core strength with stability exercises with few upper body, that was my experience anyway--good luck and take care of yourself.