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after surgery of lamicetomy L5-S1

Started by shinchanarif on 05/30/2014 8:22am

Hello freinds my self Arif Mirza from india maharashtra, thane. I am 27 years old and I m suffering both hip pain more in right side from hip to caff and this pain worst I cant put my leg down and I cant sleep without painkiller tablest this was start from 28th august 2013 till 10 march no benefit from pt, exercise, medicines, injection.

after this result my doctor suggest me to surgery for relief this pain and finally on 15 march 2014 surgery was done and after 5 days I feel better no pain in sleeping and seating. dortor told me to take rest for six month and some major preacausion nobendind of waist, no seating in floor, no long seat, no long walk, and on 21st april I got discharge from hospital.

after coming to home I was done as doctor suggest me but today 30th may 2014 totally 45 days was passed after surgery but I have pain in my my right hip, right side back, raight caff but not 100% pain it is may be 40% remaining I am doing exercise taking medicine but this pain is still with me. when will I be free from this can any one suggest me please please please its a humble request to all of u.

Thanks and regards
arif hasan mirza
cell : +91 8082791334
email : arifmum20@gmail.com
I m on whats app please suggest me

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Hi. I understand your pain but its going to hurt a while longer, I had 4 cushions removed 8screws and rods, plus my back had been broke for 40 years, its been over 2 years now and im still healing, m feeling lots betr. If you want good results do what they tell you, when they are messing with your spine its a very important part of your body, so dont mess things up, I have found that patients is the best that you can do now, I dont try to over do it, I go for a walk everyday, learn how to squat or stoop down, if you get a grabber so you dont have to bend, will surprise how much betr you will feel. I took plenty of as hot of water as I can stand showers. Lots of walking, the more you set the stiffer your going to be, and hope for the best