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DDD + Scoliosis

Started by 100000133272988... on 08/12/2014 6:47am

I am in my mid 50's and have DDD + scoliosis. If anything is genetic, I have no info due to my adoption at 10 mos. I did not have any symptoms until my late 40's early 50's. My pain was in the L4-5 + S1. I had tried pain mgmt. without success...besides, medication covers the real problem and as a result, I contacted my insurance Co. and found a neurosurgeon in my plan, made the appt. for an independent opinion. I had the MRI pics + results sent to the Dr. prior to my appt. He reviewed my MRI + report and said, surgery was the only option and when I was in enough pain, to call and schedule the surgery. I called 2 weeks later! The surgery was successful (2 cages, 6 screws, 1 rod) . I was told total recovery would take 1-1 1/2 years. I followed the Dr.'s orders, walked for 2 weeks, then go to physical therapy. I also did the P.T. exercised at home on the days I did not have P.T. My recovery took only 6 months! Dr. was thrilled and said I was the talk of their office!!! Now I am facing another surgery farther up from the original surgery. One disc is bone on bone on 1 side + not the other causing my spine to arc to 1 side, plus a herniation. I have been in a great deal of pain including what I refer to as a "hitching" where I cannot bear any weight on either leg, cannot sit or stand and my knees will buckle. Since pain med + muscle relaxer have not been effective, I no longer take them, but do use a 5% Lidocaine patch at night as needed. I guess, this surgery will also include fusion + spacers. I actually am looking forward the 8/21/14 when I will have surgery. I WANT MY LIFE BACK...AGAIN!!! Anyone else have this diagnosis?

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