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Herniated bulge in neck and lower back

Started by 1612146713@facebook on 04/28/2015 2:50pm

Need help in deciding should I have neck surgery replacing herniated disc with titanium discs to release pressure that are being compressed. Also have herniated bulge from L1 thruS1 constant pain on lower back shooting down to right leg. Pulsating and stabbing pain on lower back. May need surgery for that too. Please need help. Been suffering with pain since injury on the job last year in February. Have had physical therapy and steroid injections. Very minimal relief.

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You stated that you have a herniated disc in your neck causing pressure and compression.
How many levels are affected in your neck and is the spinal cord or the foraminal nerves (nerves that come out the sides of the vertebrae) being compressed?
Did you have lower back problems before the neck injury? The reason I ask is because I had neck surgery in 2013: C2-T1 posterior laminectomy with fusion and my symptoms prior to surgery affected my legs so badly I thought it was from my lower back herniations and lumbar stenosis. I had immediate relief of most of my extreme neurological symptoms in my legs when I came out of neck surgery.
I was not a candidate for the titanium discs because of the number of levels that needed to be fixed.
Once you give me more information on your neck I will respond with my opinion regarding surgery.
I have had 10 major back surgeries beginning at age 12; I am now 50. I have several lumber surgeries to handle herniated discs and they all failed. Please give me more information on your neck condition and remember that most disc surgeries do not alleviate the pain. Pain should not be the reason you have back surgery (neurological symptoms like spinal cord compression, drop foot, bowel and bladder issues, numbness and weakness that prevent you from being able to walk or pick up things etc. are reasons to have back surgery......not pain.)
I hope this has been helpful. I will check back.
My prayers are with you and your family.