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pain after spinal fusion surgery

Started by hare on 12/31/2015 4:59am

My spinal fusion surgery atL5-S1 was done before six month.presently I can not sit more than one hr in day.I can walk also limited.I already consult so many doctor and review are different and also treatment now.I am confused what to do know? As per doctor my recently x-ray and MRI are normal
One doctor said that you take gabapentin and elavil(twice a day)and do light exercise then pain will manage another doctor ask for steroid injection but one doctor not agreed for steroid injection due to my immunity is low,one another doctor ask to do adhesinolysis (minimal surgery at spinal fusion)
Please not that I have heavy pain at around spinal fusion.I want to know which type exercise is possible after six months of the spinal surgery because doctor advised me very light exercise (five different type) which is not beneficial to me to control pain
Any one have experience that by medicine and exercise pain can reduce after six month of the spinal fusion surgery and pain just same as me.I am 40yr old and I can not do my job also.I have responsibility of my family. My weight is only 42 kg.
Pl suggest me

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