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Lumbar Disc Replacement before pain returns?

Started by apratt5 on 10/04/2016 4:04pm

Here's my story, in short form - female, 40s, used to be runner and very active....wish I still was. However, I have had 4 discectomy surgeries at L5-S1. I wanted replacement before my last 2 surgeries (two weeks apart because first one didn't do the trick), but my doctor wanted to wait because of my age and research wasn't showing that it would last long enough for me.

Here's what I'd love to have happen - have a plan in place for my next and hopefully last surgery at L5-S1... I'd love to get a replacement now, or be lined up with a doctor that WILL do one, and have my ducks in a row, so to speak.

I would really love to be able to run again, do half marathons and such. It's tough to keep weight off when I can't run, jump rope, do burpees, etc. I think the replacement will make my quality of life better, as a previously active person.

I'd love to participate in a study too, get it done NOW. Anyone here participate in a study?

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