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Started by Ashinedu on 10/27/2016 8:57am

I have be have this numbness of my left thigh for the past two years now, but at first doctor gave me some pain killer which helped for some time and the stopped. Then my doctor referred me to orthopedic whom then sent me for neck X Ray as the pains were also on my right then to my left shoulders. The result shows early degeneration of Bone, And I was given same type of medication my doctor was giving in addition with an injection which gave relief for sometime and then pains started on my lower back, same injections were given together with some tablets with the injection, the pain will disappear and appear after some weeks. so I was sent for MRI which reveals that L3, L4 L5 and S1 have some crack and there is a bulged of the disc that is pressing on the Never root. I was given some exercisers and Medications with all these, the numbness of thigh remains and pains on my lower back persist.

Please any help order then surgery?

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