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Severe lower back pain post L5-S1 fusion

Started by Rock786 on 12/22/2016 8:20am

Hello All,

I'm posting this question with full and last hope in my life. My age is 28 years and had L5-S1 fusion on Sep2 2016, till now I'm not healed and suffering with severe back pain, not able to walk for a mile, my lower back continuously hurts me :(.

The history of my pain is - since 1 1/2 years i suffered with lower back pain and gone for physiotherapy and met acupuncturist, though i did all when i travel in bus or car or if i do any house works I ended up with lower back up pain.
Then later i consulted Orthopedic spine surgeon and he finally did fusion operation to me on Sep2 2016. then immediately gone for 2nd surgery on sep7 2016, its just kind of cleaning the incision site as i complained with leg pain post 3 days of surgery. Then finally i affected with infection i.e., fluid collection around pedicle screws. My surgeon told that body can absorb the fluid when days passes. Its now around 4 months my condition is still severe, by luck I'm able to get up from bed and go for washroom but i cant able to walk and climb steps, also my back is in very much pain when i walk n bend for 0.5 degrees.

With this condition i tried for ending up my life, but my family is not allowed me.

currently I'm doing stretches in home, lifting legs in 45 degrees on bed, lifting shoulder by lying down on stomach, lying down on side lifting the legs.

Can you please suggest me here, I'm vexed with my condition, because my job gone into risk, lost so many things in my life in this short span, if there no solution or cure for my condition i wanted to abscond my life.

Thank you so much!!!!

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I'm sorry your going through all of that. It sucks to be in pain. How you feel now is how I felt before my fusion surgery of the L4,L5 and S1. I made 6 figures a year and was in high demand as I am a specialist in my field. I have lost my job, lost my new truck, emptied my bank account trying to live. People without deep, excruciating, constant, mind-blowing pain will never understand what you are going thru. Again, it sucks. Now that I've had my surgery, the pain that I had is now gone. I deal with some nerve pain and the surgical pain as it takes time to heal. I had my surgery 1/24/2017. It sound to me like your surgeon did a bad job and what need to happen is that you go to a different surgeon and have the operation done all over again and hopefully this time you will be ok.


Hello, Rock786. Thank you so much for sharing your story. We want to first say that you are not alone, and you are being heard here. Not everyone can understand the pain you're experiencing, but there are people who truly empathize with what you're going through--some of them are here in this Community.

Many people continue to have pain after spine surgery. While some pain and discomfort is expected, it sounds like what you are experiencing is outside the bounds of normal. Please know that you have options--you are not bound to live your life in excruciating pain. If you feel like your current medical team is not acknowledging your pain, we encourage you to seek a different spine specialist who listens to you and crafts a new treatment plan.

If you want to check out other qualified spine specialists near you, we have a doctor finder that can help: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... .

And, if you need some encouragement about seeking a second opinion on your treatment options, we think this article may be helpful ( Second Opinion on Spine Surgery: Rude or Smart? ).

Many people have been in your shoes, wondering if they will ever be released from the grip pain has over their lives. Believe us when we say it doesn't have to be this way. There are doctors who can help you. Keep fighting--you deserve to live a happy, healthy life. We are rooting for you.


Wow, you are having a hell of a time! Hope you are doing better. If you are in the same situation as me, not sure where you are from..I have had not been able to get a second opinion. Are you able to get into a pain management clinic? The best thing that has helped me is getting a Nerve Root Ablation, basically they go in and kill/burn out the nerve roots on each side of the lower back. These nerves are the pain signals to the brain. I'm actually getting it done again, for the third time. It only lasts about 9 months to a year but it has offered the best help so far.

Other than that, Massage Therapy and the right Massage Therapist is my life line. My pain meds and anti inflammatory meds etc and walking. If you are in bed rest..I'm just thinking of right after my fusion..everytime I got up to go to the bathroom I would try to do a lap around the house, every time I got up I would walk a little further and keep that up. Walking on a flat surfact. Sometimes my back will be completly locked up and if I get out and go for a walk it starts to losen up. I'd be careful about what stretches you are doing. Spine Universe has some listed that are safe. Maybe physical therapy. I know how bad this sucks. I was in bed the past two weeks straight :(.