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Posted in: Exercise, Nutrition, Scoliosis, and Surgery.

Scoliosis Surgery Fusion of T10 to Pelvis

Started by BarbaraF on 07/11/2018 7:43am

Hello everyone,
I'm 54 y.o. and scheduled for spinal fusion for my scoliosis in November of this year. Has anyone had a fusion from T10 to their pelvis for scoliosis? If so, how is your result? My curve has progressed over the last few years to 42.2 degrees, and I've decided to do the surgery now instead of when I'm older. and it's worse. Any information or comments would be appreciated very much! Thank you.

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Hi, BarbaraF--thanks for your question about scoliosis surgery. We aren't medical professionals, and we don't have a personal experience with this type of spine surgery, but we'd like to share some information about adult scoliosis surgery to help you learn more it before your procedure this fall.

This article is a great general overview of adult spine surgery for scoliosis, including the different types of procedures and surgical goals: ( Spine Surgery for Adult Scoliosis ).

This is a good resource to help you prepare for your upcoming surgery, including questions to ask your surgeon before your procedure: ( How to Prepare for Scoliosis Surgery ).

This final resource may be helpful after your procedure. It includes scoliosis surgery recovery tips and other helpful information: ( Recovery from Scoliosis Surgery ).

We hope this information helps as you prepare for your upcoming procedure. Please keep us posted on how you're doing after surgery. We wish you the very best!


I under went spinal surgery june 25 of this year. It was T10 to s1 and achored to the pelvis. For me I would have to say it has been successful. I was up and attempting to walk the day after surgery. I am a few weeks post surgery now. I walk. A half mile to a full mile a day. The key is to not push to quick. Slow progression!!!! Best of luck.


I am 54 as well, and will be having this surgery Aug 3. He first is going in my front to L5 to S1 to put in a cage, then do the T10 to pelvis. I am so glad I found this discussion with people to relate to and maybe even ask questions! Getting a bit scared, but tired of not being able to do anything and hoping to get my life back