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Posted in: Exercise, and Herniated disc.

Exercise (social badminton) after back surgery

Started by Surandai on 08/26/2018 11:09pm

I've had 2 laminectomies, the second was done 18 years ago.

With regular exercise - swimming, floor exercises and walking, I'm - touch wood - virtually pain free; my height / weight:
172 cm(5' 8") and 64 kg (140lb).

Even so, is badminton a really bad choice of sport for me ? I've stopped playing for about 2 years after noticing a few twinges here and there which all went away after a few days.

Anyone out there who could advise on this? I would be grateful fo r any input whether from profefssionals or those with a history of herniated discs, spinal stenosis etc.

Thank you .

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Hello, Surandai--you pose a great question!

Staying active is so important to spine health, so kudos to you for making it a priority. In short, you can engage in sports after surgery. When it comes to badminton or any other sport, the key to keeping your spine safe is to wait until your fully recovered to engage in the activity. And once you are ready, slowly work up to the activity. Don't jump in 100% on day one--work your way up slowly, take breaks, and be aware of how your back feels during and shortly after the activity.

Below are some great resources about working out after spine surgery that offer additional information:
( What You Should Know About Exercising After Spine Surgery )
( Can I Exercise after Spine Surgery? )
( Golf After Spine Surgery: Part 1 of 2 ) yes, this one is about golf, but you may find some helpful tips.

We hope this information helps you engage in the activity you love while keeping your back safe!