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congenital spinal stenosis

Started by marymmv on 08/21/2010 7:56pm

I have congenital spinal stenosis. I had surgery for a hernietaed disc and they also scraped the stenosis, this was 5 yrs ago. 2 yrs ago i went to have an epidural injection and the dr couldnt get the needle into the spine because of the narrowing. eventually after 40 min she thought she got it in and i ended up with a spinal headache. The dr recommeded that i have something like a pacemaker implanted into the hip area that woould help with the pain. I didnt follow up on that because i ended up in the hospital for neck surgery. Does anyone else have trouble standing in one spot longer than five minutes or so, also walking is something that is hard to be on my feet for along period of time. I get relief lying on my side. sitting for to long also gets me hurting. I cannot lay flat on back. I am 48 yrs old and concerned what will i be like in 5 or 10 yrs. My husband tells me to try for disability, but I dont want to. I feel I am to young for that. any suggestions?

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Hi MaryMMV,
I can almost feel your pain! I have congenital spinal stenosis amoung other ailments as well. The shots didn't work for me, and I've had two cervical and two lumbar surgeries. They really helped me for many years, 1998 to now Aug. 2010. But now my neck and low back are just screaming with pain. I am waiting for a consult with a surgeon next month, but I must tell you I'm not very optomistic about the whole thing. I've been reading and researching until my eyes are dry. . . .it just gets worse; meaning I have degenerative disk deases and stenosis of the spine. They did the surgery (all 4) when they found that out and I was a little younger than you. I filed for disability right away and got it. It's a "creeping-paralitic" deases and doesn't get better. . . .you can read up on that please, don't take my word for it. I'm just telling you what I've been through, and it's pretty much what you've been through except I wouldn't let them put any "TENS" unit in me! Just try to find a good Doctor who will be willing to keep you out of most of the pain, and rest ANY WAY that makes you comfortable. For me, it's on/in the bed with a feather bed under me 24/7. I sure hope you find some relief for yourself. . . .some times we have to be selfish and do what's the best for us/me. With me best regards to you, Suziehurts excuse my spelling!


Hi! Sorry for your pain. It sucks, I know. I also have a very difficult time standing for more than a few moments and forget walking. I have refused the surgery and am just trying to manage my days. I lay down every moment I can and go to the pool as much as possible because it helps and its the only activity I can do.
I sit for my job...but I struggle to just get through each hour...I keep it to myself and just bite my lip (literally) when I want to break down.
I am 36 and this is coming up on year 22 of back pain. I have been in chronic daily pain for the last three years. In May of this year, things changed for me after an acute episode and I have not recovered very well. May was the month things went from daily tolerable and pretty modified lifestyle to daily intolerable and significantly modified lifestyle and broken...I just feel broken, physcially, spiritually and emotionally.

My saving grace these days is simply that, grace. I have two great kids, teenagers and I try and keep a positive attitude.

I wish you a less painful day tomorrow..., take care.