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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Sciatica.

Leg pain

Started by kwhaji on 09/17/2010 9:15pm

Have been having right leg pain for ~7 months. Finally went to see an orthopaedic doctor about a month ago at the request of my pcp back in February. He took xrays and moved my leg in such a way which made me almost jump off of the table. He asked me if my back was hurting and I said no but remembered that my lower back was hurting prior to my leg pain. Indicated that it appears my problem is a herniation at L5. Decided to do meds for a month (Medrol pack, soma, celebrex, vicodin, and a shot in my hip) which are not working. Most pain is when I sit down but also if I walk too much. My entire leg hurt and my foot stay numb constantly. Has anyone experienced this and what has been done?

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i had your trouble. why didnt doc try physical therapy?


hi i have a herniated disc at l5 pinching my s1 nerve root my pain started in my back about 10months ago after 2 months the started going down my butt then leg i seen a neurologist done nerve test suggested physio then about 6weeks i flared it up again bad i seen a neurosurgeon +had a mri he said 2 try a steriod shot in2 the nerve root + iv just started physio with a spine specialist physio the shot has helped abit still have pain everyday i suggest u ask ur gp doc 4 a ct scan or an mri which r even better +ask 2 c a nerosurgeon they specialise in the nerves in our spine it defintly sounds like u have alot of nerve pain good luck


He will most likely set up physical therapy when I see him in a couple of weeks and then move on to MRI, CAT Scan, and EKG (Nerve Root Study) if the therapy does not help. I had anterior cervical fusion back in 2000 which was sucessful. The most pain I had came from the bone graph from my hip. I did not was a cadiver bone. My doctor, Dr. Katz, is very good and well respected. He is not pushy when it comes to treatments.