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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Neck pain.

What causes all this neck injury

Started by Phil on 02/15/2011 7:10pm

Ok, my back is shot from abuse.....personal lifting of furnature, appliances, etc, never asking for help, but I had a cervical MRI of my neck to try and find out why the back of my head is numb and I sometimes feel like I'm falling while laying down. Will probably wind up at a neuro but here's brief results of the cerivcal MRI

All C2-T1 show uncinate spurs
All C2-T1 show herniations
Most joints have neuroformal narrowing, canal stenosis, loss of disc height
C7-T1 and C4-C5 have disc tears

I'm a 53 year old software engineer and have been staring at a computer screen for the last 30 years, 5-8", 150 lbs, pretty fit, so where does this injury come from.? I understand the problems with degeneration and aging, but the herniations and tears?

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Hi Phil,
I really believe all the neck injury herniations also have come from the lifting of appliances etc.....the spine can be equally affected by that whether be the low spine,mid spine or cervical.Not that really helps your problems at this point,except don't do further damage by lifting .As a nurse for 29years i pretty much always tried to guard my neck, and back i usually asked for help when lifting heavy patients and wouldn't you know it.....i herniated 3 disks,i in my low back and two in my neck from being slammed off a defective chair at work landing on a hard floor in a fetal position,and put my arm down to try to break the fall only to jack up my neck.I am in constant pain every day of my life,facing lumbar surgery on March 25th and then my neck.At this point i can't even lift more than 5 or 10 pounds without having horrible pain.Playing with any of my 4 grandkids is out of the question.Best wishes to you,i hope you find some relief.
Nurse Nancy in pain


Thanks, The doctor who give me injections said genetics have a lot to do with it which surprised me. The shots on the lower back are working will and I seem to be into a 3 month routine, not sure how long they will help, but not complaining since reading the stories of so many others far worse than me. My only option is surgery where they will fuse 5 cervical and 3 lumbar joints basically turning my back into a broomstick so I'll deal with it and start taking it easy


He was right about that,genetics plays a huge part,my mom has severe degenerative disk disease and osteoporosis,she has had 6 back surgeries and 3 neck surgeries.Of all the five children in our family ,lucky me,i seem to be the one who has inherited it.Oh well,like you said,could be a lot worse.I just try to count my blessings daily.
Take Care,
NurseNancy in pain


Computers.I think it adds to the athritis component. Think about how you sit. After I started my flare up again with radiculopathy on the left, someone said"you have been on the computer a lot researching for a new car". I thought about it. I kinda slouch while I'm on the computer. I wear triticale for near-sightedness, but looking at the computer screen either made be bend my neck unto look through the bifocal. Or I took off my glasses and bent my head forward to see. I now have a pair of computer glasses that help my posture tremendously. If you aren't taking enough breaks, ergonomically, you may be tensing up those neck muscles , squish those discs tighter together. All this aggravating our necks , decreasing our disc space and causing bone spurs. I never realized how often I tensed up my trapezius muscles until I went to PT. I use this biofeedback at work now. My neck or shoulders feel the pain, and so I stops and try to do the relaxation techniques I was taught. Sometimes, though, I have to go home and I take a muscle relaxer if it doesn't work.. I don't wait for the pain to get bad. Sometimes the muscle relaxer works as well as the pain pill.
And, sometimes it's just bad luck, or maybe genetics.

I also realized that I bend my neck often while living...doing gardening or cleaning bathrooms. Looking up to move things from shelves. Wear and tear on that c4-5, or c5-6, 7.