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Posted in: Herniated disc.

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Started by gen6 on 04/10/2011 3:08am

Hi guys! I'm 25, male! Yesterday after the MRI I found out that I had disc herniation and disc protrusion and I am really really worried!!!!
My question to you is, according to these pictures, do you think it's big herniation or small herniation, how serious it is, (I mean, are there sizes of that and degrees of damage or something) , same question applies for the disc protrusion... Most important thing I need to know is if in future I don't make any wrong moves(sudden twisting etc) and don't play the ,,wrong sports,, (tennis etc), is it going to worsen with time or it's going to stay the same?

Thing is it doesn't really hurt me unless I make a lot of wrong movements, like, intense dancing 2-3 hours with lots of moves etc. Otherwise I may not feel it for 1-2 years...And after it starts hurting usually the pain is not so strong and goes away in a week.
The disc herniation itself happened when I was 12, when I jumped in the pool, my legs went behind my back...(if you can imagine that, it's like an embryonic position but the other away around( inverted). It was very painful. Since than, it always hurts me when I make the ,,wrong moves,, otherwise it's fine. So considering this, I don't want to do any surgery, I think I should do surgery only if the pain is constant and I can't live with it. But I'm worried that If I leave it like that, it may for no reason just go worse and paralyze my leg or I don't know, because when the pain starts, it goes down on my left leg and I can't really move it a lot.

Thank you for the answers in advance! I will appreciate every single post!

Here are 4 MRI pictures, I hope they are enough, if not, I can upload more pictures of different angles (they gave me CD with lots of pics)


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In 2006 I was diagnoised with DDD. My L4 disk had gone & my L5 was going (im 46 now).
Due to insurance issues, medicaid, which i was getting ready to lose, so i opted for surgery as I was in such severe pain & was at the point where I could not walk. Out of desperation, I went ahead and had the surgery. The Dr. replaced my L4 disk & fused my L4 &L5 disk. Ever since surgery, I started having problems with my left hip. I found out my left hip bone is 1/2" higher than my right hip with immense inflamation and pain. I still do not have insurance and am awaiting a decision on disability, which may take a year. So, I cannot do anything but wait. If back surgery is recommended for you, I would think long and hard about it. I am sorry I had the surgery but grateful that i am walking, but things are getting worse & I am back in the bed again. Having gone through a spinal fusion, if I had it to do over again, I would have not had the surgery.
But, life goes on & I am in search of an ortho dr that will see me without insurance cause I sure cannot come up with the money they are looking at $30k is alot!
I proberly did not answer your question but want to warn about spinal fusions. DO NOT if you do not have to.
I will keep you in my prayers


My back pain started when i was 19 and for yrs and yrs i ignored it and just did nothing and when the pain hit me occasionly i just rested and sometimes it took days or weeks to get better but when it did get better i still ignored somewhat but thats because the doctors i went to ignored what i said and told me i was creating an illness that just wasnt there i faught for yrs for someone to believe me but had no luck until just last yr, I applied for disablity and had to fight for 3 yrs for it but got a lawyer and finally got it , there are treatments that can help u before it gets worse. I am now 32 yrs old and just had my spine fused last month they fused my L4 to my L5 and my L5 to my S1 with 4 rods and a cross bar and six screws and because i didnt get the help i needed sooner my discs werent even discs no more they had calsified and the surgeon had to drill them out :( the worst was when my legs and everything from my hips down went numb and i was just walking along and hit the floor like a sack of potatoes and would not want u to go through that i seen u are having the same symptoms that i had yrs ago so u are headed in my direction, im not going to say it gets better with treatment but u can stop it from goin further do something now before its too late..