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treatment question

Started by thoracicherniation on 04/14/2011 7:31am

Hello, everyone,
I have a t8-9 herniation and buldging discs in both cervical and lumbar area.
So far I went through swiming, excersises in a hot pool, electrotherapy and right now I'm doing certain McKenzie excersises on an everyday basis (for two months).
I have a feeling that these excersises help but I also have a somewhat unclear feeling that they are not enough. Does anyone know of what further excersises are out there, for strenghtening primarily, that are safe for people with thoracic herniation?

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McKenzie excersices are good enough for you. If you follow them properly and regulary, you will definitely be benifited.


I am a competitive athlete, pe teacher, high school volleyball and softball coach who has lost much strength with crazy symptoms. 6 months of pain, muscle spasms and a long story before finally being diagnosed with a T3-T4 herniation that presses against the spinal cord in flexion and extension (with symptoms including shoulder pain, arm pain, back pain, much tingling, chronic nausea and leg issues). SInce being put out of work by the ortho, I have finally been able to get much relief in just a few weeks. Although I have not been able to work out nearly as much as I am used to, I have finally figured out what works for me at this point. I sleep/ nap a lot as I get tired more easily (but is finally become less by the day). I go to PT 3X a week (tend to nap when I ice) and in the pool I do leg exercises, walking and running and swim the breast stroke. Although exhausted I engage in aerobic exercise as much as I can (walking, elliptical, arc trainer,AMT, treadmill, UBE, swimming) I find that when the pain acts up laying on ice in a way that presses against the spine relieves the pain in about 10 minutes and I can resume activity if I so desire. I perform some low level exercises while laying on the ice if not tired enough to nap. I find that adapting exercises to the supine position allows me to perform more exercises by mixing them with upright exercises and prone exercises on the ball, and to alternate upper and lower body work. Many of my exercises engage the core in some way. I also focus on keeping my shoulder blades back and maintaining the best posture I can. I use the foam roller on my back at 1-2X a day and stretch my back by laying supine and raising my arms and trying to make my body as long as possible. The key for me is to take a time out and lay down and/or ice when the spine pain begins or when my body starts to fatigue. When using weight machines I look for those that support my back and head to relieve the stress on my back. I have dropped the weight from what I used to do and am increasing my reps as my body allows (varies by day). I am much weaker than I was and am exercising on a much lower level with the hope of retraining my body to reduce the symptoms and rebuild strength. I am lucky as I have been able to minimize my meds by resting my body to prevent exhaustion and fatigue even if it means to adjust my schedule. The worst thing for me right now is driving where I usually do it with an ice pack between my spine and the seat. Hope some of this helps.