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Back problems? Join the Club!

Started by 100000556291634... on 05/27/2011 12:22pm

I was injured on the job in 1982, totally reversing the curve of my back and neck. I herniated four or more disks and could not get out of bed unassisted the next morning. I had to leave my job, opted for chiropractic and massage, accu-pressure, and anti-drug methods. The Medical Dr.'s option was to hospitalize me and put me in full body traction for a period of 45 days to enable healing! I thought this sounded more like torture than treatmeent to heal or relieve.
I suffered off and on for 19 years, until I could barely walk at all. My life became a living hell with no relief in sight but to stay so drugged I could barely function.
After facing the options available to me, I began to research the treatments available to me based on the most common diagnosis taken from all the Dr. Reports I had accumulated from the 44 "Specialists" the Ins. Co. had sent me to during that time.
Then i looked the data bases over for a Doctor who specialized in that particular diagnosis, and forun Dr. Delamarter at the UCLA Med Ctr. I was living in Central Ca. at the time, but the other choices were Dallas, Tx. and the Mayo Clinic.
I had 8.5 hours of spinal surgery at St. Johns Med Ctr in Santa Monica, 8-16/2001. I was fortunate to have found the best Dr.s available for my problen, and was given 2 yrs of PT> The PT was the saving grace as it made me stronger daily and taught me how to handle my particular injury. I would never refuse PT, but as in every field, there are good ones and the other kind!
Now, I need to have all the hardware removed from my spine, as it has begun to cause me problems I cannot handle. I know I will need more surgery, so I am in the process of searching for a qualified, experienced Dr. to handle this new problem. In my case, I waited for the technology to catch up, and was blessed with a great Dr. and the best PT in the business! I hope God is still with me in this pursuit.
My message is, you have to take charge of your own health, do the research, and go from there. I wiah you God Speed in your search.

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