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Herniated disc pain and bowel issues

Started by grammx6 on 10/28/2015 10:28am

My MRI shows herniation of the S1, L2,L3, L4,L5. I have been different levels of pain. I have a desk job that seems to be making the pain much worse on a daily basis and the end of my day I have spasms in the middle of my back. The pain is now in my buttocks and leg down to the ankle. I get up and move around about every 20 minutes to move but when I sit down it is all back again. I am in PT but does not seem to be doing much. They focus on core strength which I totally get that. I see a muscle skeletal doctor that does physical manipulation to align my spine because I am told the vertebrae's tend to turn but all that , to be honest leaves me in physical pain for about 2 days after. I have an appointment with a neurologist Nov 19th. and he will evaluate my MRI. I am reading everything I can to educate myself and I am reading about the issues some have with bowel movements. It is not like I cannot have one but it seems it takes straining to have one. I am not constipated. I know TMI. My employer has been patient but I also deal with the fear of having to walk away from a career I worked hard to build to focus on my health.

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