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second cervical surgery

Started by tessy762 on 03/07/2016 9:52pm

Hi don't really know where to start, 2 years ago I had a cervical discectomy with fusion c5 - c7 , when I had the surgery I was only suppose to stay one night , but then although in terrible pain in my neck I lost all feeling from my hips down , I could not move my legs or anything and it was like that for about 30 mins, we were petrified , also annoyed at something the surgeon had said but that is another story, they sent me for this ultra sound of my legs and said didn't see blood clot but they kept me for 3 more days and kept coming in giving me injections in my stomach which hurt so bad and my entire bely was black and blue .... needless to say its 2 years later and I can barely move my neck, my arms hurt and so do my shoulder blades .... so I go see a different surgeon because well quite honestly with the bedside manner of this surgeon and a few other things I was afraid of him , I absolutely love my new surgeon, he said listen I can not fix you , but if you will be realistic and understand that I can not bring you back 100% we will work great together , I said Doc you give me 60% pain free I will marry you ( mind you I have been married for 33 years happily and he is married also so it is just a joke )well my surgery is in less than 2 weeks, I have tried PT and pain management uggg.... we are going in to remove old hardware from this horror surgery and to do a acdf on 2 other discs in my neck , I have herniation's and pinched nerves ....... What I would like to know is has anyone ever had this before ? A second neck surgery to kind of fix the first surgery and take care of other problems ? that is problem number one ( actually the most painful, my pain level is a 10 plus !
Another problem I have is herniated discs L 2-3 and L5 S1 but I have had so many injections even a prp injection not covered by insurance and over 1000$ PT , and had a foraminectomy on my lower and that helped a lot but been having some problems with the back its been hurting , so I went to the new dr to try one more injection and it worked to reduce my pain by 25% which is ok with me because my neck hurts so bad I cant think straight sometimes , I have been pukey and even fainted from pain , the headaches etc.... but anyway jeez I don't know how to ask such a personal question which is why I think I am beating around the bush here... I have a problem going to the bathroom , having a bowel movement , its as if that area is numb and its like I can barely feel it to push , I have no urination problems I am very watchful of that 3 years ago I lost a kidney, but its the problem like I have to push the skin to push out a bowel movement ...... I am afraid to ask my dr about this that he will think I am nuts ....... is this a sciatica thing , has this ever happened to anyone before or am I just totally loosing my mind, I have had this basically since around the same time I had my foraminectomy for the spinal stenosis .... can someone help me please , I know this is a lot to be asking , but any information anyone has to offer me would be Greatly appreciated .......... Please can you help me ? oh I have done accupunture, , deep massage, electric stimulation and a horrible fentanyl patch and delaudid which I truly would like to NEVER go on again ... I know I am overweight but I have a pleather of auto immune diseases and have been back and forth on steroids for a long time not to mention thyroid etc..

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Hi. I had the surgery. Replaced the disc with cadaver bones and titanium plates with screws. I did everything the surgeon said to do after the surgery. Wore the neck brace for 5 weeks only took it off to shower. I am in more pain now than I was before. It has been over a year since the surgery. It starts with neck and shoulder pain then I get a severe headache in the back of the head which goes up to the top and is like a migraine. When I told my surgeon after the surgery that I was having terrible pain he said. That's weird. Your the first. All my surgery's are 97% recovery. Lucky me. It's not 24 hours. But I will have one good day and 3 or 4 bad days. In fact just ran to the bathroom to vomit. Seems like I am throwing up every other day because of the neck and head pain. In answer to your question. Yes a herniated disc in the back can effect your bowls and peeing. My surgeon said mine is hitting the nerve that does not effect those things. Mine effects the legs and sexual desire. Tell your surgeon what you are feeling.