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Spinal fusion/ workman’s comp

Started by MIMI13 on 12/11/2017 12:52am

Hello ! I’m new to the forum. I hurt my back at work and had to have a L4 L5 spinal fusion on November 21, 2017. It will be 3 weeks on December I2th. I had my post-op appointment on December 7th. I told my surgeon I still had a lot of pain in my back, left leg , my toes and bottom of my foot are numb. He basically said the numbness will go away in time. He also prescribed Gabepentin. He asked if I could do a desk job at work. I told him no I can’t even sit very long before the pain gets to be too much and I have to lay down. I’m still using a raised toilet seat due to the pain sitting on a regular toilet seat. He then said we will start you doing therapy. I feel like he’s rushing me due to me being on workman’s comp and wants me to get back to work. I am calling the office tomorrow and telling them there’s no way I can do therapy as I still have so much pain. Am I just being paranoid or am I being pushed into therapy because I’m a workman’s comp case??
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Hi, Mimi--welcome to our Community, and thank you for your post! We can't comment on whether your doctor is accelerating your treatment plan based on your worker's comp case, but we encourage you to share you concerns about moving too quickly with your doctor. Our best advice is to continue to describe your pain level with your doctor. Spinal fusion is a major procedure, and some pain is totally normal after surgery. But, if your pain is increasing--or new pain is arising--your doctor needs to know about it.

We also recommend following your doctor's post-op instructions, as they are designed to give you the speediest and smoothest recovery. It's OK to be nervous about starting physical therapy--the best way to combat that is to ask about what the PT program entails and what you should get from it. If your pain is preventing you from PT, what about something gentle like hydrotherapy? You can read about the benefits of that exercise after spine surgery here: ( Spine Surgery Recovery - The Benefits of Hydrotherapy ).

We know this doesn't answer your question, but we hope this information helps. We wish you the very best for a healthy and smooth recovery!