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What to expect from surgery?

Started by Nrussell830 on 03/15/2018 5:40pm

My 61 year old husband is having surgery March 26 to remove a synovial cyst at the L5-S1. He has a number of bone spurs along the lumber vertebrae as well as some descimated discs. The doctor is going to remove the cyst and inject stem cells from his hip into the spine.

He is preauthorized for these procedures:

And then the doctor will also take bone marrow from his hip and inject it into his spine.

The doctor has been very unspecific about what to expect. I will be asking for more information but I’m just wondering from those of who you had these procedures, how long before you:
Felt better in your leg?
Felt better in your back?
Were able to drive?
Were able to go back to work at a desk job?

Thank you!

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Hello, Nrussell830--thank you for your post! We see that your husband just had spine surgery a few days ago--how is he doing?

Hopefully his spine surgeon was able to answer the questions you noted in your post as part of your husband's recovery plan. While we don't have any personal experiences with the surgeries your husband recently underwent, we do have lots of general information about safely recovering from spine surgery:

( Foraminotomy: Spinal Surgical Procedure )
( Recovery from Lumbar Fusion Surgery )
( Surgery Recovery: From Hospital to Home )

Our best advice is to call your surgeon if something just doesn't feel right with your husband's recovery. Spine surgery--even when done minimally invasively--is a major operation that comes with a long (and sometimes bumpy) road to recovery. It can be painful and challenging, but staying in close contact with your surgeon and following his or her postop instructions are the best ways to ensure a successful recovery. We wish you and your husband the very best!