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C5/C6 Herniation with moderate cord compression

Started by Gaia75 on 08/08/2018 12:11pm

Hi! I'm new to this site and recently diagnosed with c5/c6 herniation with cervical myelopathy, moderate cord compression. What brought me to the neurologist was numbness and pins and needles is my arms and legs. I also had muscle cramping and burning pain throughout my body. An MRI showed the culprit. My EMG was normal as was my brain MRI. My question is, has anyone with this condition suffered any joint pain or pain down their entire spine? I will be 43 tomorrow and prior to June 1st, the only issues I ever had were shoulder pain or arm numbness, which I now know was from the neck. I still don't have any real neck pain, just neck fatigue. I have 2 appts set up with neurosurgeons and curious if fusion is my only option. Neurologist thinks maybe with one disc being effected I may not need fusion, but a microdisectomy. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Cervical myelopathy if allow to progress it can cause permanent paralysis...not sure you damage is from trauma or wear and tear....mine is from trauma from a car accident April 2015....


Hope this helps.... As one disk collapses and puts the vertabrae out of alignment the dominoe effect will follow. The sooner you can stabilize the spine the longer it will last. I have had 4 surgeries ,the last being fusion of the C5/6&6/7. Six months ago. The pain is a whole different story.