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Why would a Neurosurgeon call the night before a surgery to say he wants another surgeon to evaluate me right before my cervical spine surgery?

Started by Howmuchisenough on 11/06/2018 10:19pm

Help! I've been suffering from back pai, neck pain, numbness pins and needles in my extremities for over 6 years. I have had 3 lumbar surgeries a decompression at l4l5 then a fusion and then l\s fusion hardware removal which didn't help with my numbness and weakness. I complained not only about numbness n weakness in my legs but i had more neck pain and numbness n pain in my arms and hands, i was ignored for years until my primary dr. Finally sent me to a neuralogist who actually examined me and listened to my symptoms n order an mri of my cervical spine. The results were: multilevel disc desiccation, at c5-6 and c6-7 there are disc bulges with biforamin and central canal stenosis with evidence of myelopathy. I was referred and seen by a neurosurgeon who agreed with my neuralogist that i need surgery scheduled tomorrow morning 11\7\2018. But i just received a call from the surgeon saying that he wants a collegue to evaluate me right before my surgery to see if he will go through with the surgery. Im comfused because he submitted evidence to my insurance about the surgery being medically necessary. Which was finally aproved and scheduled for tomorrow morning. Can anyone give me any insight of why this would happen.

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It might be a insurance required.