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Epidural Steroid injections

Started by langchris on 11/29/2018 4:58am

My basic question is if anyone has heard of the efficacy of epidural steroid injections being given in the lower sacrum instead of right at the point of herniation or pain. I have a 3 year history of back problems, have had two diskectomies and several series of steroid injections in between. I happen to move a lot and live around the world, so my injections have been done by different doctors in different hospitals around the world. They are always done differently, and some have been effective for months to years and some not at all. I have one scheduled next week in Germany, but am a bit suspicious of the doctor who says the injection does not have to go close to the herniation. He will be doing it in the lower sacrum, but my herniation is L4-5 at this point. This is contrary to what I've read elsewhere. Isn't it best to put the steroid injection as close to the pain location as possible?

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