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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Sciatica.

Discectomy coming up but pain improved

Started by Miguel7 on 01/06/2019 6:11pm

Hi all, I have quite the dilemna.
I've had a herniated disc for about 3 years now. When it happened I couldn't walk for 3 weeks and the pain itself only subsided after 3 months with complete loss of flexibility. Since then I've had 3 quite major flare-ups (result of sneezing or coughing),, all of which involved sciatica which left me bed-ridden for 3-4 weeks, and again, in pain for around 3-4 months. The pain was so bad, even morphine wasn't helping.

My last flare-up was in July. In September I had another follow-up and my 2nd MRI. I was still in pain but mobile at that point. The surgeon advised I was a candidate for surgery, in light of the flare-ups, the fact the herniation at L4-L5 was very large and other than that, the rest of my spine was ok.

The surgery is booked on the 14th. Between October and now, I've had 3 tweaks which resulted in stiffness only with mild pins & needles. Icing helped a lot. In the last week though, typically, I've felt a bit better. Pain-wise, I'd say it's a 2 or 3/10 (over Christmas it was a 6-7). So I'm not in 2 minds. I feel it's a matter of time before it happens again and cannot take major time off as have new job. However I'd feel odd going into a surgery where the pain is manageable for the time being.

I'm in the UK, so to top it off, if I don't take this appointment (postponed November surgery to see if there was improvement) it goes back to my GP and I'm off the list, meaning another flare-up would involve GP, referral, consultation, surgery - around 6 months.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks very much

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