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Surgery for discectomy a good idea?

Started by KWood38 on 03/02/2019 8:52am

Goodness , I don’t even know where to start . Three years ago I ended up in an ER due to a severe muscle spasm in my neck that would not stop . I was given muscle relaxers and pain meds. This helped but was very sore. Shortly after I started having migraines that were very severe. This lasted for about 1 year. Then I had another attack of muscle spasms in my neck and ended up back in the Er. This spasm lasted for eight hours. My PCP did x-rays which had shown some DDD in my cervical area. I was then put back on pain meds and muscle relaxers and started physical therapy. I also had Numbness and tingling and all my fingertips. An EEG was performed and showed normal results... Now here I am on my third year... I was walking upstairs and felt something horrible just crush into my neck... the spasm began. I could barely move.... The pain through the day with each step I took was excruciating. That night when I went to lay down the pain was so bad I could not even pinpoint where the pain was coming from my neck my shoulder my arm... I only found relief all standing or setting up straight... Back to the ER where the physician requested my PCP to do an MRI. The results... DDD C2 to C6. Neural foraminal stenosis and a disc herniation on my C5 and C6. I have been doing PT for 6 weeks and had trigger point injections once with no relief. My PCP stated to me that No surgeon would touch me at my age. So I seen my neurologist for a second opinion. He said my C5 and C6 have no cushion between them and the herniation is pushing against my spinal cord... I now have an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon in two weeks to discuss a discectomy. Can anyone please tell me if they have ever experienced this and how your recovery was? I have one physician telling me no surgeon will touch me for this at my age and another who really thinks I need it... What do I do?

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