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Posted in: Herniated disc.

Right shoulder pain

Started by Mstitanium on 08/29/2019 4:05pm

I’m a hospice aid and I got injured on the job repositioning a 6’7 270 + patient in 2017 I was misdiagnosed with left arm pain focus focusing on rotator cuff tear but MRI showed no tear they sent me back to work after five months with a heavy patient load and said not to come in unless the pain got worse while the year went by and I work through the pain until it really got worse I had to request for a neck x-ray they were still focusing on my arm and I told them it felt like a nerve pain Doctor said that they probably wouldn’t find anything while he was wrong they came back and said my disks were narrowed . They send me to physical therapy for another nine sessions and waited months for an MRI once the MRI was taken and they found that the disks were herniated and I was sent to a surgeon .
My symptoms were left arm pain numbness down my fingers left scapular pain and left biceps pain it got to the point that I was losing muscle weakness in both arms . Since the surgery three weeks ago I have gotten back my muscle control no pain no tingling down my left arm I am having a little right shoulder pain I’m not sure if that’s due to the muscles I still have the neck brace on for another three weeks . Has anybody else had titanium disc replacement and what are your thoughts and results from this surgery seems to be a pretty new one .

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The shoulder pain is due to surgery. I had the similar pain which was not part of my symptom, this pain would fade once your out of your neck brace and starts to heal. The complete recovery for this surgery is around one year that is what my surgeon told me.

Prayer from me for your quick healing!