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Posted in: Kyphosis, and Surgery.

Kyphosis Problem

Started by kumarankush on 06/09/2010 6:45am

My niece, who is just 12 years old is facing spine problem. Due to which she is not able to walk. Since birth, she was able to do everything, suddenly 3 months before she felt problem in walking. After consultation with the doctot, they refer the case to AIIMS, New Delhi. Here the after check up doct. refer only Surgery and the cost of Surgery is very HIgh which they cant afford.

As per doct. the spine has curved 70 degree and the only solution is Surgery and they are not giving any gurateee after surgery also.

Can anybody pls advice me that what we can do in this situation?

Anybody help in this regard is highly appreciated.

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Tell your neices parents to call The Shriners Hospital for children
All surgery is free and they will take good care of her AND her family including help with lodging and travel expenses,
Bone problems is where they have the greatest expertise
Call today, Do not wait.

Patient Referal/Eligibilty Information
E-mail: patientreferrals@shrinenet.org
Telephone: 800-237-5055 (in the U.S.)
Telephone: 800-361-7256 (in Canada)


Let me know if I was of any help to you after they are contacted,


this sounds like a complex case where you have 2 ask,how much benefit will surgery give her?if she is strong enough 2 survive it,what will her physical limitations be after surgery,if they cannot give any solid answers then you MUST re-assess her 2 see if it is a viable option.the outcome may not be what you expect,so weigh all possible options be4 making ANY surgical decisions.surgery is supposed 2 be a LAST resort!spinelessinalberta :)


I agree with Paul Pedersen about the next course of treatment. Has any of the doctors Dx her with Scoliosis? Please provide an update.