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Posted in: Kyphosis, and Surgery.

Schuermann's Kyphosis

Started by bs4242 on 04/11/2016 10:22pm

I am a 65 (almost 66 yo) female. I have had kyphosis since I was in my late teens, but thought it was due to poor posture. I was actually diagnosed with Scheurmann's Kyphosis in 2000. My spinal doctor has been following my condition since that time in hopes that my spine would fuse and the curve would stabilize. It has become apparent over the last 2 -3 years that is not happening and I currently have a 121 degree curve. I am, otherwise fairly healthy. I still work as a nurse, but with lifting restriction & since I stopped 12 hour shifts about 8 years ago, I have relatively minimal pain. I can control my pain with Motrin. I do have limitations what activities I can tolerate, but have learned to live with this.
However, due to the increasing curve, my doctor is advising a anterior/posterior fusion to stop the progression. I have surgery scheduled for 4/20/16. Needless to say I am quite anxious, but I do have confidence in my doctor.
I was just wondering if anyone else has been through this procedure for kyphosis and how they are doing?

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What happened?? How did surgery go??

I'm having a fusion for schuermann's kyphosis next month and am curious as to your experience.

Which vertebrae did you have fused?? Im having T2-L2