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C5-6 Anterior Fusion

Started by 102058111038667... on 04/22/2016 3:19pm

Tuesday the 19th of April I had this procedure completed. I have had severe neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain for years with different nerve bundles affected at different times. Finally it was time to get something done about it. The MRI was clear I had compression on spinal cord and nerves.

Today is my third day of recovery and other than trying to fins a reasonably comfortable position to sleep I feel things are going well.

The first, and immediate, thing I noticed is that I had no pain in my left shoulder/arm. Even laying flat on my back for 2 days where as before I could not lay on my back for more than 5 minuted without numbness and pain.

The 2nd thing I notice and it bothers me right now is that my thumb and index finger on my right hand are numb with little perception of strength and my right shoulder is weak and hurts. I tried to sign the discharge papers and it looked like I couldn't write. I asked my Dr and he said it may take time for that to heal as there was a lot of damage on that side.

Eating is fine and drinking is not an issue yet. Will post updates.

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