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The Gratefull Column

Started by 100000231316700... on 09/06/2011 9:54pm

Dr. Amir M. Qureshi, M.D., at Arkansas Spine and Pain, Dr. Jen Shuler, Dara Duck, and everyone else that works there, I would like to thank you all for the professionalism, The listening to me, "The Patient, The level of Excellence in treatment, and the family environment that I have experienced there. Before I started going to Arkansas Spine and Pain, I was seeing Dr.s in Alb.,NM. They put me on medication that I was not wanting to take, it took some of the pain away, but it also was such a large dose of everything, I am sure it couldnt have been good for anyone. Well my pain level was around 5-7 on a daily basis after taken my meds. Them Dr.s were the type that did not listen to me about how much pain I was in. This went on for around 3-5 years.

Last year I started seeing Dr. Amir M. Quershi, M.D., at Arkansas Spine and Pain in Little Rock, AR. This is "The Best" Dr.s office I have ever been in! I am an art lover. The display of art work here is soothing, relaxing, inviting, comferting. The furniture is for one, "More comfertable than my own!" The Dr.s, Nurses, and staff have the "Willingness to listen to a patient, and give , "The Best", advise and treatment of the pain in my back, Ever! I am very gratefull for all they have done for me. My pain level is now around a 3-4 on a daily basis. Since treatment, my life has gotten alot better. I can do things now that I couldnt do before recieving treatment. My stress level has went down. My relationship with my family and friends have improved. My pain level is easyier to tolerate. Not only was I treated like I was the most important person there, but these Dr.s, Nurses, and Staff actually listen to me and act upon the best medical advise and treatment! For that, I am gratefull for all of them. I am confident that my life is in the right hands!


John Jelinek

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