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Posted in: Drugs & medications, and Surgery.

pain killer vs. muscle relaxer

Started by crwb on 04/21/2013 8:41am

Hi y'all!
I'm 4 days post op for a c4-c7 acdf and I have a couple of questions/concerns.
1. i seem to be having shoulder pain on the other arm now, which is freaking me out.
2. I'm afraid I'm gonna get hooked on the pain meds or the muscle relaxers.
I still feel like I want to take the meds as instructed ( pain killer every 4-6 hours and muscle relaxer every 8), and I guess I'm a little disappointed because I hoped to not need anything that heavy by this time.
The spasms between my shoulders are intense and the headaches are no fun, but again, I'm really concerned about the pain on the right shoulder...although, the relief on the left is unbelievable.
Any wisdom/guidance/voices of experience would be very much appreciated!

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I am three weeks out from the same surgery. A year ago I had L2,3,4,,5 fused with instrumentation. I also worried about addiction as my husband is a recovering alcoholic. If you do not have a tendency towards addiction you should not worry about it. These medicines help us cope. Your body needs to heal and it is not easy if you are tensed up and in pain all the time. I was off all the meds about 6months the first time. Now, I am taking 5/325 Vicodin three times a day and Cymbalta. I still am having spasms also. The pain you are experiencing is also normal as everything was moved around during surgery. Don't be hard on yourself. Take your meds and heal. I'm going to give myself all of May before I cut down any further. I learned my lesson the last time when I was so hard on myself