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recovery time from spinal fusion l2-l5

Started by RB on 10/07/2013 4:04pm

Had fusion at L4/L5 and laminectomy at L2/L3 and L3/L4, but 2 months later
needed the other levels fused. So I am 8 months post second surgery and
although now able to walk, I still have pain and numbness in my leg.
Lyrica, Cymbalta and Celebrex as well as physical therapy are still
being prescribed, but although pain had subsided, I now seem to have
little additional improvement over the last 3 months.
Thoughts as to further recovery, other medications?
How long do I go on without additional intervention?
My surgeon says I am doing fine and it could take 2 years.

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Hi I have had the lumbar fusion screws and two rods, bones all fused together, I had a brace and a stimulation belt makes the fusion grow together, my pain went away. After 26 days. Some of the people I no says it takes time for the nervus system to heal my pain wasent bad until I sneezed once thought I was going to die, at the moment my back dont feel bad its now my right hip is hurting and my knee left is bothering. I have to see if its my hip or if it the l5 or s1 not real sure if thats a prob should of been fixed when they were in there also forgot to mention my back was fractured they repaired also.after working for forty years I get my back repaired, all I can tell you is dont give up keep walking I used a walker, iit seems to help me , try to keep as active as your dr wants you to, take it slow and easy, what really helped me was hot as I could stand showers seems to help me lots. And whirlpools, good luck to you and wear your brace , it takes amost a year fore your fusion to get solid I have read where some have broken there rods, from, one gal said she broke hers from skiing, as your dr about activities. My dr told me take it easy, rite now if its not been a year, walkig was the limit for me,


Rb I forgot to tell you I was wondering if the taught you how to go about getting down we use to bend over, cant do that now, I get on my knees , I cant bend , I also have a device that I can pickup small items its called a grabber , it will save you lots of pain, if you can squat thats great,