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Have you had spine surgery? Quick poll.

Started by cleerline on 05/30/2014 2:14pm

Hi, I'm trying to do some research and thought I'd ask here for some advice.

My friend is considering having fusion surgery for spondylosis which is causing pain in her back and legs.

I'd just like to ask 4 questions.

1) What sort of surgery did you have?

2) when did you have it? (year/month)

3) what was the outcome? (improvement to your condition? Worsening? etc)

4) How long have you been a member of this forum? (year/month)?

Please respond in this thread so everyone can see the results!

Best wishes


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In October 2012, I had the Accura-scope procedure on L5. This is the best decision I could ever have had! Before surgery, my back was so bad that if I pulled weeds in the garden, I was down for 2-3 weeks! I did a lot of research on this procedure and on all of the doctors who performed this procedure. I checked their credentials, their degrees, how long they have been doing this procedure etc. When you are going to have such a serious operation done, ALWAYS do your research. Even if you have to research your research. I just registered here on this forum because I keep reading how nobody that has had surgery from North American Spine Institute. I just wanted to let people know how awesome this surgery is. I researched the doctors and found the one I wanted to do the surgery. I requested only he do the surgery! I prayed for guidance and flew to Texas to have the procedure done. I flew back the next day after surgery. I took around two months of careful movements, stretching, and healing. This is a very important part of recovery. Fortunately, I had physical therapy before I had surgery which is how I found out I needed it. There is also a website on youtube that North American Spine has where you can view some stretches. I found this very handy. After almost two years later, I still get a check-in email from them to see how I am doing. My thoughts on why there are no responses would be that this was such a success, people are getting on with their lives and are out doing the things they couldn't do before the surgery. I have been going to school for a better career. I am in my 50's. I hope this helps anyone who is having to make such a difficult decision and wish you all good luck. Don't forget to pray for guidance.


Anna from Pittsburgh, PA
To answer your questions in order
1.) due to spondylolysthesis i had an L4/L5 fusion
2.) 9/14/2004
3.) In the beginning my pain lessened, but for only a few years. Once your back is operated on in time the "domino effect" will inevitably occur, which is what I'm going through now. I am now in the process of deciding if i should get a second surgery or not.
4.)i have been a part of this site less than 6 months


I have had three spine surgeries.
1st bulging disc 3-4 decompression
2nd ruptured disk 3-4 almost 1yr later= fusion
3rd impinging screw and stenosis, decompression 2yr later from hardware on nerve root, bulging disks
getting ready for #4
have bulging disks more stenosis and DDD I'm in extreme pain in lower back and both legs waking up screaming in middle of night, feels like tearing the muscle off the bone, can barely walk in constant pain,
only do a surgery on back if only necessary. mine I did because just unbearable pain but it is the domino effect that happens. very rarely does someone not have to have surgery again at some point. try other alternatives as therapy stretching , second opinion.