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Looking for Post-Op Recovery Time & Healing after ACD&F on C5-C6

Started by God'sMiracle on 05/11/2016 12:55am

I just had a neck surgery a week 5/4/16 & was doing well after the operation where a separator/plastic plate was put between my C5-C6 to open up the nerve channels to relieve me of severe neuropathy from multilevel bulging disks affecting C3-C4, C4-C5, C5-C6. MRI also showed I had Arthritis (Spondylosis) on my neck. After nerve tests on my hands, I also had severe carpal tunnel on both wrists but I was suffering lingering pain on my left arm, tingling & numbness on my left hand. Ended up taking daily 900 mg Neurontin for pain & 10mg Ambien to sleep because I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep. My Neurosurgeon said the C6 is what controls the left side, & my Endocrinologist after thoroughly checking me said I didn't have Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. My Post-Op medicine are Percocet 1-2 tabs every 6-hrs as needed for pain, Flexeril 10mg 3xdaily for spasms & as needed Gabapentin (Neurontin) 300mg 3xdaily. I use a heating pad at night to help w/ pain on neck & left arm.

I received a call from a Medical Representative about Patches to put on my neck to help the bone to fuse properly & faster because of my being a diabetic. Does anybody have any experience using these very expensive patches ($1500) which Medicare doesn't cover because I only had a single fusion done??? My Dr recommended this to speed up my bone healing. Total recovery time is 8-weeks & will be housebound for 4-weeks (no driving or riding in car). I was in International Tech Service & Sales 24 years & was a workaholic managing distributors & direct house accounts. I am also a Stage 4 Breast Cancer survivor & still taking maintenance chemo 1 X 3-wks and am currently in remission after 3 recurrences & am active supporting other Cancer patients because I am so blessed by God & support & prayers from my family, friends & Church members. I 've going to MD Anderson Cancer Center since I had my 2nd recurrence in 5/2009 & have my Local Oncologist administer my chemo.

Sorry for this lengthy description of what I have suffered from health wise, but was so impressed with the exchanges of patients' notes, advise & information sharing that I wanted to learn more of what to expect after my surgery & things I should avoid so it doesn't hamper & delay my recovery.
I would appreciate whatever advice & feedback anybody can share, especially if the patches put on both sides of the neck really aid in speeding up the bone fusion to heal properly.

Thank you & God bless us all

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Has anybody have experience using Electrical Stimulator to help with C5-C6 ACDF neck surgery? I would really appreciate if somebody can shed some insight on how effective they work as these are quite expensive & Medicare or my supplemental health insurance doesn't cover "single level bone fusion". I have to check w/ my insurance if they'll cover it since I'm a diabetic & my Neurosurgeon recommended I get one to improve & speed up my bones to heal.