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Spinal Fusion L5-S2

Started by 102082042579977... on 05/29/2016 9:32pm

Just had my surgery April 28th, and came out with my left leg from above the knee down to my toes being numb and painful. I couldn't pick up my left leg, however, prior to surgery, I had sciatica. Now the pain from sciatica is gone, but now have numbness, tingling and swelling on my left leg. My back feels great, no driving, NO BLT, (BENDING, LIFTING OR TWISTING). Now my question is, when I'm walking for awhile, or sitting I find it extremely difficult to stand up. My left leg becomes extremely painful whereas I can't control it. It buckles at the knee making it difficult to walk with just someone. I purchased a rollator, the best! I know it'll take time due to the nerves being pinched, but OMG, I'm laying in the bed as I write and my leg is so swollen, I can barely bend it! The PAIN is in the shin area, the rest of the leg has pins and needles. It's very difficult to get pain meds due to those who abuse it, hence making it difficult for those of us who really need it. I now just take a sleeping pill to put me out. When I wake it's all starts all over again. Any suggestions?

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I had the same fusion done five years ago. I promise it does get better. I had to take lyrica for about a year. I use to have sharp pain down my left side of my butt an leg. My Nero Doctor explain it this way. That was the side the had the most damage. I hope this helps a little an I truly hope you get better