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Partial SCI at the L4/L5

Started by Nick DeFosset on 11/02/2016 5:43am

I have a partial SCI at the L4/L5 Region , My back pain has continuously gotten worse since my accident in 2011 . I twisted My SC in a Car Accident. I have had 2 doctors diagnose me with CF Issues and so i have the common headaches periodically and i have a very bad issue with bright or flickering lights. i have now had my 3 rd siatc issue in less than a year. I was already using a wheelchair due to my CP issues and I am wondering is there a medical way to kill the nerves in my legs, in a way to induce Paralysis to help with the pain issues. I have had on multiple occasions i have been told i probably have about 5 years before i lose the use of my legs and at the same time been told that surgery was not an option as it would probably paralyze me anyways. Im just looking for a less invasive way to accomplish this, I know crazy but i will be in less pain and as it is now I would be ok with the outcome as i would be in less pain.


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