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L5 S1 discectomy, 10 weeks post op pain

Started by Jobe Stein on 02/21/2017 8:53am

Hi there, I am 10 weeks post op from a L5 S1 discectomy, they also installed a spacer during that surgery, all was well for the last 9 weeks until week 10, I began getting a dull pain in my lower left buttock, this pain is bareable only when i lay down, should I be worried or is it all part of healing? It's concerning because I felt like I was really starting to get my mobility back but then this pain came out of no where. Any insight would be great!

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Hi there--thanks for posting your question. We don't think you should necessarily be worried, but we recommend you reach out to surgeon about your pain. It may take many weeks for you to fully recover from your surgery--and you may find a few bumps in the road that go away on their own (this may very well be one of those cases). But any new pain should be brought to your surgeon's attention. We hope you get some peace of mind and continue toward a successful recovery!